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How Overseas Pakistanis Become Filer In Pakistan

This article discuss opportunity on how overseas pakistanis become filer in Pakistan. Pakistanis in Abroad can become filer and document their Income Tax Return in Pakistan. A Non-Resident individual being a resident of Pakistan for the most part don’t owe any Income Tax to Government, yet he can in any case document Income Tax Filing to avail the situation with Tax Filer in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistani or a non- occupant Pakistan who is bringing in cash in Pakistan or in other word is making taxable income in Pakistan are needed to pay Income Tax on their income created in Pakistan. In the same way as other different nations, taxation in Pakistan relies upon the person’s occupant status other than the foreign country in which he lives.

There are a few advantages of being a filer in Pakistan. For example, if abroad Pakistanis turns into a Tax Filer, he can get the advantage of paying lower taxes on to some degree 100+ cases remembering tax for banking exchanges, enrollment of vehicle, transfer of immovable property and so forth. Turning into a tax filer is very gainful for non- occupant Pakistani who need to put resources into the real estate, stock trade, shared assets, saving plans and surprisingly prize securities.


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It is vital to Know for abroad Pakistanis that if they are interested in to purchase movable or immovable assets in Pakistan, for example, a vehicle or a house bought exclusively from overseas income, they can set aside a ton of cash fit as a fiddle of withholding taxes simply by pronouncing themselves a filer. Moreover, this can likewise help in announcing the whole resources procured are from an unfamiliar course and are not taxable in Pakistan. In this manner abroad Pakistani can likewise stay away from the problem of review by Tax Authorities in Pakistan and are hence completely gotten according to the Pakistani Laws.


An individual will be a non-resident individual for an assessment year if the individual is living abroad for a time of 120 days or more in the tax year and, over the most recent four years he has been outside Pakistan for period at least 365 days. This implies that for the year 2020-21, an individual should stay in a far-off country for somewhere around 08 months to be threated overseas Pakistani status or non-resident status.


To file Tax Return, foreign Pakistanis must register with FBR and get their NTN (National Tax Number). This can be done by getting registered online at FBR IRIS.


Foreign Pakistanis, who have not filed their taxes before, should first register themselves on the FBR IRIS Portal. Before initiating the registration process, one must ensure if he is already registered with FBR. This can be done verifying the NTN on FBR website. In case if on record is found, travel to FBR IRIS and fill in the details by clicking on “registration of un-registered person” and follow the procedure by filling the details required.

After you have processed, you will receive pins on your mobile and email. Verify the pins without delay as after some time the session expires and whole process must be initiated afresh.

After pins are verified, password is sent on both email and mobile number already provided by you. Use you CNIC and password to IRIS FBR Login and complete the ‘Registration Form’ available in the draft folder and submit it to get your NTN.


Tax Return can be filed by login into the FBR IRIS. After you have IRIS FBR Login, first, click the ‘ Declaration ‘ appearing on top of the screen. Open form 114(1) (Return of Income filed voluntarily by Non-Resident Pakistan-origin person having no Pakistan-source income) if in the event that you don’t have any source of income from Pakistan however on the off chance that you have a source of income from Pakistan or all in all you are making taxable income in Pakistan then you should record normal Income Tax Return form of section 114.

Depending on how many months you’ve spent in Pakistan during the fiscal year, select your status as ‘resident’ or ‘non-resident’ accordingly in the ‘Attributes’ section and enter relevant information in the draft. Moreover, because you are making taxable income in Pakistan in addition to your foreign income, you will have to declare the Pakistani source of income you made in a tax year in the relevant head of income. The foreign income on the other hand will be required to be declared in the “Foreign Income” section. Important to know that Non-Resident Pakistani or Overseas Pakistani are also not required to file statement of Wealth along with the Return to enjoy Filer status.

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