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How To File Income Tax Return In Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made it mandatory for every salaried representative (government and private) having available pay to record their personal assessment forms from the Tax year 2015. How to file income tax return online in Pakistan this move has been taken to raise the quantity of government forms. According to the laws of tax assessment, furnishing an abundance articulation alongside expense form recording will currently be an impulse for every salaried representative. This article talks well about how to file income tax return in Pakistan.

According to FBR, they are growing the duty net towards the individuals who are as of now non-filers. In a further endeavor to cause individuals to understand their obligation for making good on charges, the FBR has distributed the misfortunes that individuals may need to endure, in the event that they don’t view their assessment paying obligation appropriately.


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In the event that individuals don’t document their wealth statement, a 30% profit pay will be removed rather than 15% if there should be an occurrence of covering taxes. The bank will charge 30% profit when the annual assessment form isn’t file, rather than 15%. On cash withdrawal, about 0.6% will be deducted rather than 0%, if the assessment form isn’t paid. On selling of property, 1% will be deducted rather than 0.5% if the expense form isn’t paid. When buying a property, 2% will be deducted rather than 1%, when assessment forms are not paid. Similarly in the event of vehicle buy, lower rates are suggested on enrollment by Filers when contrasted with non-filers of the assessment forms.

If you’re earning 400,000/- PKR or above in a year, then yes, the income tax applies to you. The government determines how much the tax rate applies to your earnings year by year, and in this regard a tax slab is made so as to classify each taxpayer as per his earning per annum.


Document your Income Tax Return online by signing into the FBR IRIS. FBR IRIS is an online portal use for how to file income tax return online in pakistan and where the documenting and accommodation of Income Tax Returns occur. In the event that you are a first-time Income Tax filer, enlistment will be compulsory for documenting your Income Tax Return.

Subsequent to enlisting once, you can sign into FBR IRIS and record your Income Tax Return. People having acquired their National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number however don’t have certifications to sign into the portal can get access by tapping on ‘E-Enrollment for Registered Person’.

Reconciliation of Wealth statement

To document your Income Tax Return on the web, you should finish the Return of Income structure and fbr wealth statement (statement of resources and liabilities) structure. To work with the citizens, the Knowledge Base gateway gives bit by bit composed and video guides on documenting Income Tax Return and Fbr Wealth Statement. Effective accommodation of Income Tax Return and Fbr Wealth Statement in IRIS is affirmed when both the structures have moved from the Draft envelope to the Completed Task area.

A wealth Statement may be effectively submitted and accommodated if and when your present year’s wealth has expanded/diminished from the earlier year’s wealth by a similar sum as your pay has expanded/diminished from your costs. Inability to accommodate a wealth statement will deny you to present your Income Tax Return.

Filing Tax Return as Salaried Individual

To encourage salaried people in documenting their Income Tax Return and become fbr tax filer, a statement structure 114(I) has been given Tax Authorities. The salaried individual would have to finish the Declaration structure 114(I) to effectively present their Income Tax Return. People who are getting pay just from pay and different sources, where pay is over half of the Income can profit from this structure.

Required documents for filing tax return
Salary Certificate
Tax Deduction Certificate from the employer for a particular tax year
CNIC (Original and Photocopy)
Email ID
Bank Account Statement for a particular tax year
List of Personal Assets along with their Value of Purchase/acquisition
Utility bill if under name of fbr tax filer

A particular Tax year start from 1st July to 20 June. Similarly, Tax year 2021 fall around1st July 2020 to 20 June 2021.

On the off chance that you don’t have NTN and are not enrolled with FBR, we can help you to FBR registration for free and get you given NTN for recording your assessment forms. Ordinary time for issuance of NTN requires 1-2 days though to turn into a functioning filer with FBR tax filer takes as much as 2-3 days. So better pick up the pace on the off chance that you actually are not a functioning filer. In the event that you have any further inquiries as to the issuance of NTN or documenting of Tax Returns. Also, use our Free TAX Calculator Pakistan.