Tax Calculator Pakistan 2023-2024

Income Tax Calculator 

Individuals only: Salary Tax Calculator Pakistan helps you to compute income tax on a monthly and annual salary but first, you must enter gross salary income.

Sole Proprietor-Individual & AOPs only: To enjoy Pakistan Business FBR Tax Calculator. Firstly, you must calculate your accounting profits and proportionate figures monthly and yearly.

Individual & AOP only: To get results from Pakistan Rental Tax Calculator, first, you have to calculate your rental income and proportionate figures on monthly basis. These free calculation services help you determine the tax on rental income annually and monthly. Property Tax Calculator Pakistan 2021-2022 updated with withholding tax rates for the fiscal year 2022.

It has also embedded tax slab rates for the previous years. Tax Slab rates for the tax year 2020 are unchanged in the tax year 2021 by the current government of Pakistan, to avoid further burden on salaried persons. This tool helps you to compute tax on income at first, so you are aware and ensure a trouble-free process of withholding statement filing. We constantly update the salary FBR tax calculator with the latest regulations and tax rates in Pakistan.

Updated (Aug 09, 2023) Salary Tax Calculator 2024 | Business Tax Calculator 2024 | Rental Tax Calculator 2024 | Capital Gain Tax Calculator 2023 | Return On Investment Tax Calculator

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