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How To Get NTN Number In Pakistan

National Tax Number likewise usually known as NTN is a remarkable number given by the Federal Board of Revenue as such is the most elevated assessment expert in Pakistan. This article describes the core topic of how to get ntn number in Pakistan. Any individual who is responsible to pay tax under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 is needed to be enrolled with FBR. As section 114(1) of the ITO 2001 gives the arrangement of a compulsorily for individuals to be enlisted with FBR. ITO 2001 defined the individuals who are mandatory to get NTN mentioned below:

  1. Every individual business
  2. Every company
  3. Every AOP
  4. Every Association/NGO/NPO
  5. A salaried person having annual income valuing PKR 400,000/- or above.
  6. Every professional registered with an association, council or other registering authority e.g engineer, doctor, lawyer etc.
  7. Owner of 1000cc car or above
  8. Owner of 5Marla Flat or House as the case may be.
  9. Others


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Nowadays FBR has made the enrollment cycle extremely accessible for every person trying to register with FBR. A personal appearance at FBR after that is absolutely not obligatory at all any longer. The way toward getting NTN has gotten exceptionally simple.

Are you seeking to register with FBR and are willing to know the procedure for issuance NTN by FBR?

You need to open the FBR IRIS portal through the web and tab on Registration for an unregistered person. Enter your personal legal details as required and tab the submit choice apparent toward the end. Once you have submitted the information, you will receive a password to access your account of FBR Iris. In the draft, you will find already available Form 181.

Alter the structure and detail your personal data including the bank and property details. One complete present the Form and your NTN will be registered in couple of moments. It is important that all the information required must be carefully entered as the incomplete form may result in a penalty by FBR according to a recent amendment in tax laws.  


  • Copy of CNIC
  • Mobile Numbers and Email address


  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Copy of recently paid electricity bill of business.
  • Rent Agreement or copy of Ownership documents
  • Mobile and Email address.
  • Nature of Business
  • Letterhead stamped
  • Any other document as may be required by FBR

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