Quite possibly the main principle that we remembered while fostering this framework was to instruct people on their funds and assist them with getting where their cash is going. Tax experts ordinarily record your tax return all alone with no association on your part. You are never in charge of your tax return and basically depend on the aptitude of your specialist.

When you begin recording an income tax returns utilizing ATS File My Return, you will acknowledge significant insights regarding your funds and approaches to save taxes. ATS follows a step by step measure so you wind up documenting your return with the right data. And keeping in mind that you’re setting up your tax returns, it will likewise direct you on different tax credits accessible to you so you could save greatest taxes. You likewise don’t have to monitor past years’ data since we keep the data put away in our framework for future references.

In this way, go ahead and reach us assuming you need to get more familiar with how to apply for taxes in Pakistan.

File My Return is a novel blend of innovation and tax mastery to improve on the tax filing measure. It just finds a way three ways to get you moving with your tax filing.

Register yourself at File My Return. Enter fundamental data and answer basic inquiries. Our Payment process is simple without entering your card details just attached a payment slip of IBFT / CASH PAYMENT SLIP / EASY PAISA SCREENSHOT, ETC.

The data needed to finish the cycle is genuinely basic, and fundamentally relies upon the wellsprings of your pay and kind of your monetary exchanges and resources. A portion of the archives that will be convenient in addressing the inquiries are as per the following:
  • Bank Statement or certificate from the bank showing the profit paid and taxes deducted by the bank, if any..
  • Salary Certificate provided by your employer..
  • Personal utility bills for expenses incurred and advance tax paid.
  • Certificate of capital gains and tax thereon, issued by NCCPL against your stock trading activities, if any.
  • Statement of investment in mutual funds, if any.
  • In case of air travel in business class, copy of air ticket/invoice indicating the amount of tax deducted.
  • Certificate of tax deduction provided by your cellular network company in case of post-paid connection.
  • Invoices issued by educational institutions indicating tax paid, if applicable.
  • In case of any vehicle purchased during the year, copy of the registration book/documents issued by the Excise department.
  • Property documents for any transactions (purchase or sale) during the year.
In order to learn more about the list of documents required for filing the income tax return in Pakistan access the following link.


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Tax filers can take the advantage of different taxes paid by them on different exchanges like taxes covered on service bills, cash exchanges, instructive expenses, business class air tickets, acquisition of engine vehicles and properties, and so forth Moreover, filers can likewise get tax credits for interest in common assets and protection charges and gifts or zakat paid to supported beneficent associations.

A non-filer is likewise dependent upon higher withholding tax rates remembering for bank moves, engine vehicle taxes, capital additions, profit pay, and so forth.

Also it’s our collective responsibility to pay taxes and strengthen our nation to payout Pakistan’s loan and for the prosperity of the land. Peoples in develop Societies pay taxes. You should also read by visiting the following link.

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NTN Registration is free 

We are helping to mitigate the fear of FBR by educating people about the tax system in pakistan and similarly encouraging people to pay taxes by rendering a free NTN registration service. In order to get a Free NTN, you have to register at File My Return Portal and fill out an NTN registration questionary with your real information. At last, just file it with required documents like ID card, etc and leave it to us.

Free NTN Registration service is not valid for sole proprietors/business individuals, they can proceed by paying a little amount.


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Yes. You still have to file a tax return. Because non-filing of tax return leads to notices and then served you by the sum of penalty. In case if you paying extra taxes on various transactions which are not adjustable and refund if you choose to be a non-filer.

A wealth statement is simply a statement of your assets and liabilities. Mostly this has to be filed by a resident individual who is required to file his income tax return. In this statement, you have to mention the details of all the assets that are in your name or your dependents like your wife and children. Some of the common examples of assets are properties, vehicles, jewelry, cash at the bank and saving certificates, etc. You are also required to provide details of your personal expenses as part of your wealth statement e.g. rent, Travelling, utility charges, education, and other household expenses.

Regardless of whether you don’t have any resources and liabilities, being an occupant individual, you are needed to document a Wealth Statement showing the development of resources from the start of the year on July 1 till the year’s end on June 30 and accommodate the pay acquired with costs brought about during the year.

Yes! We take your information and data (like ID card, transaction evidence etc) for the sole purpose of tax filing and your provided tax information is secured using top security standards and transmitted over a secure computer network to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. 

We don’t ask about your banking / Credit card / Debit card credential as we have a legit payment process that leads all the banking sensitive information up to your end and just has to share a payment screenshot for confirmation