Corporate Taxation

Company Income Tax Return Services In Lahore Pakistan

ATS Consultants is one the most recognizable name across Pakistan among Income Tax Consultants. We are a dedicated team of young and experienced professionals with years of experience in handling corporate Income tax matters. ATS services offer another section of service to businesses for tax compliance in the shape of corporate taxation. Likewise, as Income Tax Consultants we have a deep eye over the changing FBR tax legislation in order to keep our clients updated and deliver accurate services to avoid any litigation from Income Tax Department.

A registered company is mandatory to file an annual income tax return, whether it continues in operations or not, in any case, a company will file a company tax return pakistan. Likewise withholding tax is applicable on business transactions relating to both supplies and services. Each director is responsible for the fulfillment of all legal formalities. If you are a director in a company then make sure that your firm files a tax return regularly. Further being a non-filer corporate entity, you are liable to pay higher withholding tax rates on banking transactions, vehicle tokens, vehicle purchase/transfer, supplies, and services provided by you

Similarly, a registered company is mandatory for Sales tax registration with FBR, if any company is involved in taxable activities. In addition, Sales tax registration is necessary for every business, wishes to enter any transaction with a government department, many multinational companies also put this restriction on vendors.

Likewise, An individual or company that has a sales tax number is required to file a monthly sales tax return even one has no business activity during a month. In the case of non-compliance, the filing requirement of sales tax returns heavy penalties, and blockage of sales tax numbers can be faced by defaulters.

On the other hand, withholding tax is required quarterly statements of advance taxation and Statement of Tax Collected Deducted are also filed, we make sure strict compliance with laws and rules while filing statements. Our Service includes the following:

  • NTN Registration
  • Filing of Corporate Annual income Tax Return
  • Sales Tax Registration Companies
  • Filling of Corporate Sales Tax Return
  • Filing of Statement (Withholding TAX statement)
  • Filing of Tax Returns of Directors