Accounting Software

ERP/Accounting Software Services In Lahore Pakistan

ATS Consultants is one the most recognizable name across Pakistan among Income Tax Consultants. We are a dedicated team of young and experienced professionals with years of experience in handling corporate matters. ATS services present business software, in the current era, accountants believe that successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software implementations are necessary to smoothly function in the operation of a business.

In addition, an Experienced consultant believes that accounting software is created from equal parts of art and science. Similarly, it happened with the help of science, consistent input and measured efforts can predict and represent the outcomes of pre-defined actions and processes. However, with art, we set a benchmark for our best representation or expression based on the diverse patterns, variables, and conditions at a given time. Mostly outcome is uncertain and not as per the needs, so we often make adjustments to accommodate new ideas, information, or acquired knowledge as we make progress. Our service includes the following:

Implementation Planning

  • A real brainstorming for implementation and start a discussion with the client upon their requirements, making sure that every single step is highlighted, every quirk is discussed, and every person affected is prepared.
  • Business & System Analysis and Designing best-suited system of recording business transaction
  • Discussion about business operations, systems, workflow mechanisms, and other aspects.
  • Designing of Charts of Accounts
  • Planning the integrations to be made
  • Choosing the employees to be trained

Software Installation

  • Software installation is one of the most time-consuming and costly parts of is the software implementation, especially in the case of customized software, however, ready-to-use accounting software programs like a peach tree and QuickBooks are low cost.
  • Establishing passwords (and two-step authentication) for each user
  • Defining user permissions and access to reports
  • Configuring reports based on your business

Accounting System Configuration

  • Accounting system configuration phase consist of the establishment of company divisions, departments, and cost centers, and of course, project costing modules, jobs.
  • Data saved in other ERP or excel files are also imported into the new system.
  • All customer information is transferred into the Accounts Receivable Module

Establishing new heads of Stakeholders

  • Vendor information is transferred into Accounts Payable
  • Adding new vendors in Accounts Payable Module
  • Transfer of ledger accounts balancing in the new system


  • Provision of training to staff to able to use the software as quickly as possible. understanding how to use the new software